Standards in education are a statement of what students should know (content knowledge) and be able to do (applicable skills) upon completing a course of study. Standards state in clear, concise terms what students are expected to learn. Standards identify the students’ learning destination, but much more is required to complete the educational journey.

Our Academics

Social Studies

Social studies is an intrinsic part of Adventist education and serves to amplify and enrich the curriculum through presenting an awareness of God’s hand in the affairs of men and of man’s obligation to serve others.


Pathways: A Journey to Excellence through Literacy is based on a balanced approach focusing on individual student needs combined with effective practices. Current research in theories and principles of language arts (reading, writing, handwriting, and spelling) form the basis for these effective practices.


Go Math! and Big Ideas Math are the math programs that have recently been adopted by the NAD.


By Design has a strong foundation based on a 5-part instructional model. This teaching model is used to promote inquiry-based learning and to stimulate a natural desire for knowledge and better understanding of God’s Creation.


The primary purpose of the Adventist Encounter Curriculum is for our students to have a solid, deep, and personal knowledge of the truths of the Bible; to respond to Christ’s invitation to live in a lifelong, vibrant relationship with Him; and be passionate about the salvation of others.

Physical Education

Adventist Education takes a wholistic approach which includes a focus on the integrative nature of spiritual, mental, physical, and social development.