Important News - Press Release

Members of the Westwood Junior Academy board convened with constituents to vote on the temporary suspension of all WJA academic activities. The measure was introduced by the board chair, Collin Weible, as recommended by the school board committee. After discussion and clarification from the constituency, and ballot vote was held – yielding a final tally of twenty-three for; 6 opposed.

As of May 31st WJA will be suspended for one school year (Fall 2017 – Spring 2018). The resolution passed with the express purpose of assembling a task force to evaluate declining student enrollment and execute strategies to position WJA for future success.

The value of Adventist education is more important than ever as we prepare our youth for God’s 2nd coming. Research clearly indicates that children receiving a Christian education are better prepared to intellectually defend their faith and report higher levels of long-term church involvement.

We are incredibly thankful for the enormous effort put forward by our staff, students, parents, church community, and stakeholders. Your prayerful consideration is greatly appreciated as we look forward to the 2018 academic calendar.

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